Ripple Effect Helps C&L Rev Up their Business by Expanding Intro Rural Iowa

C&L Companies (C&L), a manufacturer of after-market motorcycle component parts for the motocross and recreational vehicle industries and headquartered in Urbandale, Iowa, was looking to expand its distribution and warehousing capability. Looking southward the company decided to locate a new facility in rural Warren County with financial assistance from Interstate Communications. 

Interstate Communications successfully applied for a $1 million USDA pass-through loan for the company’s construction of the new facility. A loan was offered to C&L at zero percent interest. Interstate also secured a $280,000 USDA grant which they loaned to Warren County to use for the road improvements needed for the new C&L distribution facility. 

The new facility opened in 2014 and the project created approximately 14 new jobs. C&L and Warren County are currently repaying their loans. Their repayments are going into a revolving loan fund, managed by Interstate, and are available to other loan applicants.

Interestingly, the distribution center is located on the grounds of Farm MX, which is home to a widely recognized motocross track. The track is used to test the company’s products under competitive racing conditions. Eventually, C&L Companies hopes to host national qualifying events at this location bringing more visitors and revenue to rural Iowa. 

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