C-M-L Telephone Receives USDA and Ripple Effect Grants

C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association is the recipient of a $30,000 Ripple Effect grant Ripple Effect grant. This award contributes half of C-M-L Telephone’s match requirement for a recent $300,000 USDA Rural Economic Development Grant award. C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association matched the Ripple Effect grant with an additional $30,000. The grant awards received by C-M-L Telephone from Ripple Effect and USDA have allowed the company to establish a revolving loan fund.

C-M-L Telephone will use the grant proceeds to assist the Cherokee Regional Medical Center (CRMC) with the purchase of new diagnostic equipment for the hospital and medical clinic. As a result, area patients will have access to Digital Radiography x-ray equipment, which will replace the current Computed Radiography (CR) system. Grant proceeds were also used to purchase new equipment and furnishings for CRMC’s medical clinic resulting in expanded services as the clinic is now equipped to perform in-house procedures.

“CRMC is dedicated to providing high quality medical services to our patients and as a result we understand the importance of equipping our facilities with devices that are both technologically advanced and efficient. This project directly supports CRMC’s commitment to providing quality health care and we are proud to offer our patients local access to modern medical facilities and services,” says Gary Jordan, CEO/President of Cherokee Regional Medical Center. "We are always pleased to partner with other organizations that have a similar vision for the betterment of the communities we serve."  

“In addition to our match the Ripple Effect and USDA grants will allow our company to create a revolving loan fund of $360,000 for the region and make our first loan to the Cherokee Regional Medical Center at zero percent interest over ten years. The funds will be used to purchase new medical equipment, which will help CRMC to continue providing quality healthcare to the patients in our area. It’s a win-win-win for Cherokee, our company and the entire region,” says Bruce Johnson, General Manager and CEO of C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association.