Northeast Iowa Telephone Company to Assist Clayton County Housing Study

A local effort to assess housing needs and inventory throughout Clayton County has received $3,500 in grant funding through Aureon andnull Northeast Iowa Telephone Company.

Clayton County Development Group (CCDG) has commissioned a county-wide housing needs assessment to be completed by Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission (UERPC).

The assessment will determine the number of housing units needed to keep pace with the areas growing workforce as well as identify housing types needed to meet local cost of living requirements. The assessment will also assist CCDG in the creation of a gap financing program to encourage new housing development.

The results of the study will allow local leaders and developers to make strategic decisions related to the area housing market. As part of the study UERPC will gather data through a number of community meetings and surveys.

The Ripple Effect program, a partnership alliance between Aureon and Iowa Area Development Group (IADG), is designed to advance the business and community development vitality of rural Iowa by joining local Independent Telecommunications Companies and their communities in their economic development initiatives.

Northeast Iowa Telephone Company (NEIT), a locally-owned and operated telecommunications company headquartered in Monona, IA, provided a $1,750 grant for the assessment. Additionally, NEIT sponsored an application to the Aureon Ripple Effect grant program, which provided a matching grant of $1,750 to make $3,500 in grant funding available for the project.

“We are committed to making Clayton County an attractive place for businesses to locate, grow and thrive. An important part of that is making sure there is an ample supply of affordable housing to attract workers to fill the jobs created by both existing and new businesses in our communities and we are pleased to help support this assessment,” said David Byers, Chief Operating Officer at NEIT.


“The housing needs assessment will give Clayton County guidance through the collection of data and questions to determine housing needs in the communities throughout the county. CCDG is thankful for the support and assistance provided by Northeast Iowa Telephone Company and Ripple Effect. The grants funds received through the partnership has made it possible to accomplish the project. We thank you for your support and the many partners that will help make this project a success,” said Darla Kelchen, CCDG Executive Director.