Ripple Effect Grant Kicks Off Marketing of a Community Gem

The Sacred Heart School in Templeton, Iowa was built in 1963 and closed in 2003 when the Holy Trinity School system was merged into the Kuemper Catholic School System in Carroll. The property was in good condition and used for community functions over the years before the City of Templeton acquired it in 2012 with a vision to transform it into a fully-functioning events center.

A $250,000 donation from Templeton Rye Spirits, a $200,000 Vision Iowa grant and a community-wide fundraising effort helped transform the building into a state-of-the-art community center. In 2009, Pat Snyder, General Manager of the Templeton Telephone Company, secured a $5,000 Ripple Effect grant to showcase the new facility across the region with marketing materials befitting the gem of the community.

The $1.7 million center is owned and operated by the city, and has all the features of a first-class  meeting venue and more; including a banquet hall which seats nearly 450, a conference space that can hold 120 people, a gymnasium and a wraparound patio on the southwest side of the facility. The focal point is a semi-circular bar in the banquet hall made of barrel staves from wooden whiskey barrels from the nearby Templeton Rye bottling facility.

The marketing materials have worked, and the Templeton Center calendar of events is packed with weddings, conferences, banquets, athletic events and other activities. 

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