Stanton Area Industrial Foundation Awarded Ripple Effect Grant

Stanton, IA (May 17th, 2021) – A local effort by the Stanton Area Industrial Foundation (SAIF) to create a new development for Stanton, which will leverage the areas robust technology and connectivity capabilities, has received $10,000 in grant funding through Aureon and Farmers Mutual Telephone Company.

For many years the Stanton Area Industrial Foundation has worked for the betterment of Stanton through speculative housing, lot development, and business and industry promotion. SAIF’s most recent project will uniquely position the community through the creation and development of a technology park.

The park will consist of 22-acres and is located on the north side of Stanton near the intersection of Highway 34 and Halland Avenue. The technology park will be served with reliable and redundant fiber optic broadband through Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (FMTC), which will make it a strong option for businesses heavily reliant on technology and connectivity. SAIF has hired Ulteig to complete civil engineering related to development.

The Ripple Effect program, a partnership alliance between Aureon and Iowa Area Development Group (IADG), is designed to advance the business and community development vitality of rural Iowa by joining local Independent Telecommunications Companies and their communities in their economic development initiatives.

FMTC provided a $5,000 grant to assist with engineering costs. Additionally, FMTC sponsored an application to the Aureon Ripple Effect grant program, which provided a matching grant of $5,000 to make $10,000 in grant funding available for the project.

“FMTC is very excited and thankful for this opportunity to develop a Technology Park for southwest Iowa. We are very fortunate to have partners like IADG & Aureon as industry partners to make this project a reality by supporting us financially with a Ripple Effect Grant. This project will create that desired positive Ripple Effect in our community and the entire area we serve with fiber optic broadband services,” said Kevin Cabbage, CEO & COO at Famers Mutual Telephone Company.

“The Stanton Area Industrial Foundation would like to thank Farmers Mutual Telephone Company, Iowa Area Development Group, and Aureon for the Ripple Effect Grant.  The grant will help with the creation of the new technology park in Stanton to help attract new businesses and promote growth within our community and Southwest Iowa,” said Mickey Anderson, President of the Stanton Area Industrial Foundation.