WeLead Receives Ripple Effect Grant For Business and Workforce Attraction

Liberty Communications is the recipient of a $2,500 Ripple Effect planning grant for the creation of high-quality promotional materialsnull including drone and video for the attraction of businesses and workforce to West Liberty. WeLead (West Liberty Economic Area Development) will use the grant proceeds along with the “Together - We Grow,” a program developed for creative storytelling to showcase community assets and quality of life perspectives. The proposed program will launch in fall 2019 or early 2020. The application was made to Aureon by Liberty Communications, a full-service telecommunications provider, on behalf of WeLead. Liberty Communications will match the Aureon grant to make a total of $5,000 available for the project.

“The Ripple Effect grant in addition to our matching grant will allow WeLead to proceed with creating materials aimed at attracting businesses and workforce to the area. We hope the results of this project will be the first step leading to growth and investment within the community of West Liberty,” says Jerry Melick, President/General Manager of Liberty Communications.

“I am so grateful to the Iowa Area Development Group, Aureon and Jerry Melick and West Liberty Communications for making this project possible. West Liberty has so many positive attributes to offer and the creation of this marketing program will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase our amazing community to attract businesses and workforce!” says NJ Garton, Executive Director of WeLead.