Ripple Effect provides direct financial assistance to cities, counties and community development partners for local community and economic development planning initiatives through matching grant funds from the independent telecommunication partners. Funds are available for planning initiatives, engineering studies, strategic planning, laborshed analyses, housing needs assessments, tourism studies and many other community planning initiatives.

Ripple Effect also provides matching loan and grant assistance to eligible telecommunication providers applying to the USDA Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant program for business and community development projects in their service territories.


Historical Sharon High School and Community Center Receives Grant from Sharon Telephone Company

STC and Aureon grant $7,000 to the Friends of Historical Sharon High School to help transform the historical property back into the vibrant community facility that it once was.

Ripple Effect Program Grants Funds to Help Local Swimming Pool

Aureon and Dumont Telephone contribute Ripple Effect funds to help transform the community swimming pool.

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Receives Grant from WCCTA

Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association (WCCTA) awarded the Stewart Memorial Community Hospital (SMCH) grant funds in support of their Putting People First campaign.

Stanton Area Industrial Foundation Awarded Ripple Effect Grant

Stanton Area Industrial Foundation Awarded Ripple Effect Grant Farmers Mutual Telephone Company to Assist Development of Technology Park

Western Iowa Networks supports Breda Pool Project

Breda Municipal Pool Project gains $360,000 in Support from Independent Telecom

Northeast Iowa Telephone Company to Assist Clayton County Housing Study

A local effort to assess housing needs and inventory throughout Clayton County has received $3,500 in grant funding through the Ripple Effect Program sponsored by Aureon and Northeast Iowa Telephone Company.

Clayton County Recruitment Effort Supported by Ripple Effect and Alpine Communications

Alpine Communications secured a $1,250 grant through the Ripple Effect program and added a $1,250 match to support the "Attracting Success" project to recruit and retain the next generation of workers to Clayton County, Iowa.

Panora Telco Receives Ripple Effect Grant for Daycare and Preschool

Aureon has announced Little Panther Daycare and Preschool located in Panora, IA as the recipient of a $5,000 Ripple Effect grant for architectural drawings and engineering specifications in relation to their planned expansion project.

Ripple Effect Supports Sioux Center Planning Study

The City of Sioux Center is the recipient of a $5,000 Ripple Effect planning grant for a master planning study to develop planning strategies for three sites located in Sioux Center.

C-M-L Telephone Receives USDA and Ripple Effect Grants

C-M-L Telephone secures state and federal grants to assist the Cherokee Regional Medical Center (CRMC) with the purchase of new diagnostic equipment for the hospital and medical clinic.