Ripple Effect provides direct financial assistance to cities, counties and community development partners for local community and economic development planning initiatives through matching grant funds from the independent telecommunication partners. Funds are available for planning initiatives, engineering studies, strategic planning, laborshed analyses, housing needs assessments, tourism studies and many other community planning initiatives.

Ripple Effect also provides matching loan and grant assistance to eligible telecommunication providers applying to the USDA Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant program for business and community development projects in their service territories.


WeLead Receives Ripple Effect Grant For Business and Workforce Attraction

Liberty Communications is the recipient of a $2,500 Ripple Effect planning grant for the creation of high-quality promotional materials including drone and video for the attraction of businesses and workforce to West Liberty.

City of Belmond Receives Ripple Effect Grant For Rental Housing Planning and Engineering

Communications 1 Network, Inc. (Comm 1) is the recipient of a $2,500 Ripple Effect planning grant for the pre-development costs and planning assistance for new rental housing in Belmond.

Boone County C of C Receives Planning Grant from Ripple Effect

The Boone County Chamber of Commerce is the recipient of a $1,000 Ripple Effect planning grant for a community assessment survey that will examine the market strength of Boone's downtown retail district.

Dysart Development Corporation Receives Ripple Effect and FCTC Grants

The Dysart Development Corporation (DDC) is the recipient of a $2,500 Ripple Effect planning grant to assist with a feasibility study for the development of an independent living facility.

Ripple Effect Supports Possible Bakery in Kalona

The city of Kalona is the recipient of a $1,500 Ripple Effect planning grant to assist with a building appraisal and business planning services in connection with the former Kalona Bakery building in downtown Kalona.

Rural Communities are Getting Creative

Public and private leaders in rural Iowa communities are reaping the benefits of place-based "creative placemaking." Since early 2017, telecommunication companies across the state have applied for Ripple Effect grants to fund planning initiatives for their communities.

Boman Fine Arts Center Opens in Forest City

The Boman Fine Arts Center in Forest City held its grand opening to an overflow crowd of 700 on October 15, 2018.

Cambridge is Growing

Cambridge residents have been enjoying the new 9,750 sq. ft. city center. Huxley Communications applied for a Ripple Effect grant and matched Aureon's $5,000 to provide $10,000 for the project's architectural services.

A Unique Way to Create a Revolving Loan Fund

FarmTel Communications in Wayland worked with Ripple Effect to creatively seed a revolving loan fund (RLF) for the independent telecommunications provider.

West Liberty Partners with Eastern Iowa Community College for Creative Workspace

Liberty Communications of West Liberty, Iowa, inspired a $5,000 matching Ripple Effect grant for the West Liberty Regional Learning and Cultural Center.